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Jun Fan Gung-Fu -​振藩功夫-

What is JunFan Gung-Fu?

Jun Fan Gung-Fu is a martial art in which Bruce Lee modified Wing Chun for use in a real fight and incorporated his experiences of other martial arts and combative sports.


Nevertheless, the core techniques of Jun Fan Gung-Fu still derived from Wing Chun. It consists of curve line approaches in addition to Wing Chun’s short straight strikes.


* “Jun Fan” is the Chinese name of Bruce Lee.


In 1962, with the efforts mentioned above, Bruce Lee opened a martial arts school named “Jun Fan Gung-Fu Institute.”


Jun Fan Gung-Fu is a fusion of offensive and defensive techniques. The main techniques are Contact methods(接触法) and Crossing methods(交叉法), which enable one to suppress the opponent’s guarding hands and then attack (strike, throw or Qin Na(擒拿)).

 Si-Fu Ted Wong&Si-Fu Hiro Watanabe
Trapping(交叉法✖擒拿術) by Si-Fu Ted Wong
Trapping(交叉法✖擒拿術) by Si-Fu Ted Wong
The History of JunFan Gung-Fu
《 1965~1966》

·Bruce Lee began to research martial-arts/combative-sports other than Chinese martial arts by exchanging ideas with these practitioners and reading related books with profound insight.

It did not mean simply combining other countries’ techniques on a superficial level, but studying their true nature, namely scientific principles, and uniquely modifying them to make further development.


At this time, he was particularly focused on fencing and boxing.

《 1967》

·Bruce Lee opened the third Jun Fan Gun-Fu Institute in Los Angeles.

In the summer of that year, he started to use the name

“Jeet Kune Do,” which originated from the fighting methods that he had developed.


At the time, the basic structures and techniques of Jeet Kune Do were not yet fully established.

《 1968~1969》

·From August 1967, while Bruce Lee gradually developed Jeet Kune Do with Ted Wong, who was both a private student and a workout/sparring partner, he was teaching an evolved form of Jung Fan Gung-Fu in institutes and semi-private lessons.

《 1970》

·Bruce Lee closed all of the institutes and stopped teaching Jun Fan Gung-Fu.

The evolution of Jan Fan Gung-Fu stopped at this time.

After that, he only taught Jeet Kune Do through private lessons.

Si-Fu Hiro Watanabe&Togo Ishii
The History of JunFan Gung-Fu
《 1954》

·Bruce Lee became a disciple of Ip Man, who is known as the grandmaster of the traditional Hong Kong Wing Chun.

《 1954~1958》

·Bruce Lee learned 50 percent of Wing Chun’s techniques from one of four leading disciples Wong Shun Leung, learned 30 percent of the techniques from a senior disciple Cheung Cheuk Hing (William Cheung), and learned 20 percent of the techniques from the grandmaster Ip Man.

《 1959》

·For about a month, at the Hong Kong Chin Woo Athletic Federation, Bruce Lee learned techniques such as Northern/Southern Ji-Ben-Gong (基本功), Jie Quan (節拳), Gong Li Quan (功力拳) and Tan Tui (弾腿) from the general instructor Chin Hansen.

《 1959~1964》

·Bruce Lee started teaching Wing Chun in Seattle.

In 1963, Bruce Lee opened the Jun Fan Gung-Fu Institute.


He modified Wing Chun based on his studies and integrated it with other Chinese martial arts. He then named his own martial arts Jun Fan Gung-Fu. 

《 1964》

·In 1964, Bruce Lee opened the second Jun Fan Gung-Fu Institute in Oakland.


At the end of that year, he managed to make a breakthrough, which would become an epoch-making event.


It was the famous no-rule fight with Fujian White Crane master Wong Jack Man. Although he won the fight, he realized that Wing Chun and other Chinese martial arts he had been learning were not effective in the expected real fight.

​Counter Trapping by Si-Fu Hiro Watanabe
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